“If time is an illusion then all we have is the now, and that should be revered and celebrated.”

Mojo is a painter and sound artist that asks you to question the nature of your reality. Reality, of course, is impossible to define. We see the world around us as “real” but this construct is proven to be different for every individual. We see colors differently, hear sounds distinctly and perceive time in a way that differs depending on our unique psychology and physiology. It is in these indecisive moments of existentialism that Mojo begins to form. In other words, his work is less about the state of things and more about the culmination of our individual perceptions. We do not see things as they are, we see things as we are.

Mojo has never made a public appearance and refuses to self-publish any lists of past exhibitions, sold artwork, or past press/media attention. For Mojo, art is designed to exist only in the present. By posing this limitation, his works can only exist in the realm of now - his art only as you see it.

Mojo’s work is a direct response to a world that thinks only in the past and future tenses. By inviting this art into your world, you are reminding yourself to live in the present and reject the hurried pace of our society. It is a risk to question your own perception, to question what makes you you. Yet, once you try to imagine a world without limits, you will begin to see the walls come down.