While studying the work of Paul Cezanne and his strict use of primary colors and their immediate derivatives, Ewan David Eason started his investigation into the interplay of contrasting colors which soon developed into exploring the ‘concept’ of contrasts. Throughout his studies at Bath Spa University he continued his investigation which manifest itself in sculptures, paintings, videos and prints.

Eason’s Mappa Mundi prints portray a contemporary visualization of today’s cities in juxtaposition to their medieval namesake. They depict a bird’s eye view of some of the most iconic topographical surfaces on our planet in shimmering gold. However these works are not just an artist representation but also the result of a painstaking process undertaken in order to document the landscape, whilst sympathetically following the ethos and history of cartography. High levels of accuracy and dedication are used in the construction of these prints, emphasizing their status as a method of art-as-documentation. The context of these works represents a snapshot of our ever-changing landscape that could potentially be completely re-written in as little as a decade.

This series of Eason's work has been well received in a number of prestigious institutions including the Barbican, Christie's as well the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in London which led to a significant commission with a property development company in Kensington.  His increasing media profile has also led to sales to clients in cities such as Auckland, Beirut, Beijing, Geneva, Los Angeles and New York.



HOMEWOOD PARIS, LA, LONDON, NEW YORK, now available as a custom commissioned abstract piece for cities of your choice



Mappa Mundi artworks are available in every major world city. Click here to see the full collection. 


Custom maps and sizes also available- contact our team for pricing information.


2-5 Nov 2017. SOFA Chicago.
14-17 Sept 2017. Start Art Fair, Saatchi Gallery, London.
25-28 May 2017. Art Vancouver, Canada.
27-30 April 2017. Art Market San Francisco.
2-5 Mar 2017. SCOPE NY, New York Metropolitan Pavilion Chelsea.
11-15 Jan 2017. LA Art Show, Los Angeles.
29th Nov- 4th Dec 2016. SCOPE Miami Basel, Florida.
14-19 June 2016. SCOPE Basel, Switzerland.
28-31 Jan 2016. LA Art show, Los Angeles.
1-6 Dec 2015. SCOPE Miami, Florida
14-18 June 2015. SCOPE Basel, Basel Switzerland.
6-8 March 2015. SCOPE New York. New York City, New York.
14-18 January 2015. LA Art Show. Los Angeles, California.
2-7 December 2014. SCOPE Miami Basel. Miami, Florida.
2014. Group Show, Well Hung Gallery, London.
2014. Fourteen, Art Bermondsey, London, Presented by SMC.
2014. Group Show, Presented by We Built This City, London.
2014. Scope Miami Beach, Florida.
2014. Mappa Mundi, Kahaila, Stratford, London.
2014. Group Show, Belgraves Hotel, Presented by A Space For Art.
2014. Illuminating the Future, In conjunction with Christies, London & The Old Vic, London.
2014. KIAD Alumni Exhibition, George Rodger Gallery, Maidstone.
2014. Group Show, Home House, Presented by A Space For Art.
2014. Group Show, Albert Place, Presented by Store Street Gallery.
2014. Group Show, Intelligensia, Silverlake, Los Angeles, Presented by Art Unified.
2014. Group Show, West Elm, Santa Monica, Los Angeles, Presented by Art Unified.
2013. No Particular Order, Resort Studio’s, Margate.
2013. Small is Beautiful XXXI, Who’s Afraid of Red, Yellow & Blue, Flowers Gallery, London.
2013. BFAMI Auction Exhibition, The Camden Roundhouse, Presented by The Cynthia Corbett Gallery.
2013. BFAMI Auction Exhibition, Christies, London, Presented by The Cynthia Corbett Gallery.
2013. Fractal Reactors, Kahaila, London
2013. Art Southampton, The Hamptons, USA, Presented by The Cynthia Corbett Gallery.
2013. Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy, London.
2013. ArtMRKT, San Francisco, Presented by The Cynthia Corbett Gallery.
2013. London Art Fair, London, Presented by The Cynthia Corbett Gallery.
2013. Art Wynwood, Miami, Presented by The Cynthia Corbett Gallery.2012. Art Miami, FL, Presented by The Cynthia Corbett Gallery.
2012. Multiplied Art Fair, London, Presented by The Cynthia Corbett Gallery.
2012. Boat Magazine Launch, Hospital Club, London.
2012. Creative Cities Collection, Olympic Museum, Beijing.
2012. Creative Cities Collection, The Barbican Centre, London.
2012. Mappa Mundi Publicis, London.
2012. More Than Gold, St Margarets, Westminster.
2012. Young Masters Fundraising Auction, Rupert Cavendish, London.
2012. Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy, London.
2011. Boundaries & Borders, St Mary’s Space, London.
2011. Celestial Architecture, Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, Parliament Square, London.
2010. Ellipses…Whats’s Unsaid, Red Gate Gallery, London.


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