Growing up, my spiral notebook was my sanctuary. I always had major issues with discipline and authority: following the rules was not my jam. And, amidst a swirl of hormones and pressure to fit in, I — like a lot of kids— felt isolated. My sticker-and-scribble-adorned notebook was a private place — a personal retreat where I could color outside the lines without recrimination and be the undisputed master of my own pre-pubescent domain.

My pieces are snapshots in time. Some are just nostalgic forays, while others hint at how torturous it can be to grow up. The work is autobiographical, but I hope it triggers people’s own memories about pint-sized crushes, about that soul-crushing C on a book report that represented hours of missed TV time. By blowing up my private scribbles to a massive scale, and heightening the irony, I’m hoping to juxtapose childish naiveté with the very real, heightened emotion and drama that is as real and earth-shattering as anything we feel as grown-ups.

Adam Greener has sold all over the world including Miami and Basel Switzerland and in places like Google Venice. His work always gathers crowds and he sells several pieces per show. His work is innocent nostalgic and a reimagining of his childhood which everyone relates to, based on old notes from his middle school years. Collectors include Jason Flom former CEO of atlantic and virgin records, Casey Cowell, founder of USA robotics, Phillip Raskind, partner of William Morris Endeavour 

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