Art Unified will be exhibiting a provocative, modern-day rendition of the Last Supper at the Los Angeles Art Show. The artwork is from Art Unified artist Johan Andersson’s latest series, Gentile Embrace. The Los Angeles Art Show curators selected Andersson’s Last Supper as one of a few paintings to be exhibited on public walls throughout the event.
The featured piece is a modern-day rendition of Da Vinci’s Last Supper, with Jesus Christ surrounded by more contemporary figures that have been judged or outcast by society. The characters include the homeless, drug addicts, and convicts. Andersson explains, “The whole Gentile Embrace series was about modernizing Biblical scenes and asking ourselves which present-day archetypes those stories would have included.” 
Andersson commented, “It’s really exciting. The piece is pretty controversial and it’s huge – it’s 12 feet by 6 feet – so it’s hard to miss. For it to be so visible at such a prestigious art event really speaks to how progressive the show’s curators are.” The artwork will be selling for USD $50,000.

Johan Andersson will be debuting pieces from his series-in-progress, which is a series of portraits of underserved youth in Los Angeles. “Disadvantaged youth is a big problem here in Los Angeles,” Andersson notes. “It’s important to bring awareness to the issue.” Andersson has been the recipient of the Jerwood Painting Prize, shortlisted for the BP Portrait Award, and named one of the 100 Most Influential Creatives in TimeOut Britain.

Art Unified will also be bringing artwork from London-based artist Ewan David Eason and Los Angeles-based street artist Dan Monteavaro. Ewan David Eason will be showcasing his popular Mappa Mundi series. Eason’s work has been well received in a number of prestigious institutions including the Barbican, Christie’s and the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in London. After the series’ recent success at SCOPE Miami Beach, Art Unified decided the series would be an excellent fit for the burgeoning Los Angeles art market. This will be the series’ first large showcasing on the West Coast.